• UN supports comprehensive enactment of tobacco-control legislation in Georgia

    UN supports comprehensive enactment of tobacco-control legislation in Georgia

    The UN Country Team in Georgia welcomes enactment of tobacco control legislation in the country. From May 1st, 2018 the following measures enter into force: 

    smoke free policy introducing ban of smoking in enclosed public and workplaces as well as some open areas and in public transport,

    ban of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

    UN Country Team welcomes implementation of this important regulation endorsed by the Parliament of Georgia a year ago. All national stakeholders are encouraged to secure its implementation, and consequently protect present and future generations from catastrophic consequences of tobacco use.



  • New Campaign to Promote Clean Air

    Clean air - we all want to know our air is healthy. But too many of us breathe dirty air every day, especially in our towns and cities. Many people don’t realise what a serious threat to their health it is. Air pollution is a hidden killer. Breathing polluted air has been linked to the major health concerns of our time, such as cancer, asthma, and cardiovascular diseases.

    The Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads and the UN Office in Georgia (UNO) today announced a new campaign, For Clean Air, to bring awareness to the health effects of breathing polluted air. This is a comprehensive, nation-wide campaign, involving a number of partners.


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  • Georgia hosted #WikiGap event in connection to International Women’s Day

    On International Women’s Day, with the purpose of reducing gender inequality in Wikipedia, Georgia joined the global initiative #WikiGap for the first time.

    Globally, 90 per cent of Wikipedia’s editors are men, and it has four times more content about men than women. #WikiGap, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden and the Wikimedia Foundation, aims to address this gap. The initiative is focused on two areas: involving more female editors and increasing the amount of content about women in Wikipedia.


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  • UN expert to assess human rights situation of older persons in Georgia

    GENEVA (8 March 2018) – United Nations human rights expert Rosa Kornfeld-Matte will carry out her first official visit to Georgia from 12 to 22 March to assess the human rights situation of older persons in the country.

    “This visit provides an important opportunity for dialogue with Georgia,” said Ms. Kornfeld-Matte. “It will be extremely useful to assess the implementation of national and international standards relevant to the rights of older persons, to identify good practices and provide recommendations on how to close potential gaps.


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  • Georgia joins the global “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” initiative

    The Georgian Stock Exchange, International Finance Corporation, UN Women, Global Compact Network Georgia, and NGO Civil Development Agency commemorated International Women's Day at the "Ring the Bell for Gender Equality" event in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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  • Rural activism: Ketevan Khidasheli finds some scope to convince local women that they have potential

    Rural activism: Ketevan Khidasheli finds some scope to convince local women that they have potential

    When Ozurgeti district residents need to get advice and help, they know to come to the home of Ketevan Khidasheli. Ketevan  is a fierce activist for women's rights, working to  protect women from gender-based violence, open opportunities for youth and help religious minorities integrate into the local community.

    As important, she is trying to convince the women themselves.

     “I have to convince women every day that they have great potential and can achieve anything they want if they try,” says Ketevan Khidasheli.

    10 years ago, Ketevan dropped city comfort for rural activism and moved from vibrant Tbilisi to the small village Dvabzu, located in the Ozurgeti district of western Georgia’s Guria region.

     “Activism began for me in 2008, when my family and I moved from the capital to Dvabzu. At first, I did not really understand what activism entails, but with Taso Foundation [a local NGO that works for local women’s empowerment] training and support, I founded a group – the Dvabzu Women’s Center - for other keen parents,” Ketevan says. “We formed a youth club for children and  founded  a school newspaper that soon became a community newspaper called Soplis Khma (The Village Voice).”