• 9th Forum of Georgian Youth Organizations held in Tbilisi

    9th Forum of Georgian Youth Organizations held in Tbilisi

    The 9th Forum of Georgian Youth Organizations was held at Fabrika on December 21, 2018. The youth NGOs operating in Georgia, government agencies in charge of the youth, also international organizations working on the youth issues, and youth policy development experts participated in the event.



  • UN RC opening remarks at Tbilisi International Solidarity and Innovative Financing Forum 2018

    Welcoming remarks by UN Resident Coordinator Louisa Vinton

    Dear Mr. Chairman of the Parliament

    Excellencies, dear delegates and distinguished guests

    On behalf of the United Nations family in Georgia, it’s an honor to be here to welcome you all to the second Tbilisi International Solidarity and Innovative Financing Forum.

    Let me use this opportunity to congratulate Georgia on the achievements of its Presidency of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing, which included a lively discussion of innovations such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain on the margins of the UN General Assembly earlier this year.

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  • EU and UNDP media monitoring examines three-year trends in election reporting

    Growing polarisation and political bias have been the general trends in the Georgian media since 2016. Televisions and online editions demonstrated significant improvement in reducing hate speech, which, however, remained a challenge for newspapers. Election coverage on the radios has not changed much in the last three years and stayed relatively balanced but superficial. Election coverage in all media segments lacked the presentation of electoral programmes and issue-oriented debates among competing electoral candidates.

    These and other findings have been included in the final media monitoring reports of the 2018 Presidential Elections in Georgia, released on 13 December 2018 by the European Union (EU), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and three Georgian civil society organizations – Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, Internews – Georgia and Civic Development Institute (CDI).


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  • EU, UN and Public Defender of Georgia Launch Human Rights Week 2018

    The European Union, the United Nations and the Public Defender of Georgia (PDO) launched a joint communication campaign dedicated to Human Rights Day 2018. Communication activities marking 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will include a number of events as well as a social media and TV campaign.


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  • Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet

    On 10 December, we mark the 70th anniversary of that extraordinary document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    It is, I firmly believe, as relevant today as it was when it was adopted 70 years ago.

    Arguably even more so, as over the passing decades, it has passed from being an aspirational treatise into a set of standards that has permeated virtually every area of international law.

    It has withstood the tests of the passing years, and the advent of dramatic new technologies and social, political and economic developments that its drafters could not have foreseen.

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