Annual Development Partnership Forum held in TbilisiBack

The government and donors gathered in Tbilisi on 29 January 2020 to discuss government's development plans and increase exchange of information about current reforms and new initiatives.

Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia opened the Annual Development Partnership Forum. The Forum was co-chaired and moderated by Sabine Machl, UN Resident Coordinator in Georgia.

Gakharia thanked the various international organisations and financial institutions which have provided seven billion USD in financial aid for Georgian reforms over the past several years [including 2018].

“"It is a great honor for us to hold this conference today and have a close interaction with our partners in a work-group environment,” Gakharia said. “It is important our partners and colleagues see the country’s progress and results of the reforms and support us on this path”.

During the forum, Gakharia said that Georgia has carried out many reforms and continues to do so and  as of now Georgia has four priority directions,“security, economic development and jobs, education and human capital and open governance - the latter being the most important for us,” Giorgi Gakharia said.

Speaking on behalf of development partners, Sabine Machl noted that all donors remain engaged to support Georgia to achieve its national development priorities.

“We, the development partners, stand ready to support Georgia in maintaining sustainable, inclusive and “green” economic growth that needs to be accompanied by the poverty reduction, the protection of human rights as well as the advancement of the rule of law and judicial reforms. Particular attention should be given to energy efficiency and the need to unlock its entire potential by adopting the relevant legislative package in the Parliament. In addition, we believe that strengthening democratic institutions, building human capital and tackling challenges that are posed to all of us by climate change need to be in the focus of our attention. We stand ready to work with you at different levels, be it in the areas of legislation, policy or design as well as implementation of national strategies and action plans ,” said Sabine Machl.

The discussions at the Forum  focused on the eradication of poverty through inclusive, sustainable and smart economic development; development of  high quality and accessible education and social welfare; the ongoing civil service reform; addressing the persistent gender gap in all spheres of society; discussion on regional development and  agriculture and environmental protection; Georgia’s economic policy and key economic reforms as well as increasing human capital, and identifying effective methods of conflict prevention and resolution.

The second part of the Forum was held in a round table format, which was co-led by Natia Mezvrishvili, Head of Government Administration and Sabine Machl. Discussions engaging Deputy Ministers, Heads of donor agencies and officials of the Government Administration were focused on the prospects of improved coordination of foreign aid. Also, series of coordination meetings on various topics were planned and specific timeline was defined.

In addition to the prime minister and the cabinet also the Chairperson of the Parliament, MPs, representatives of the diplomatic corps and all development partners, including the international financial institutions present in Georgia attended the Forum.