9th Forum of Georgian Youth Organizations held in TbilisiBack

The 9th Forum of Georgian Youth Organizations was held at Fabrika on December 21, 2018. The youth NGOs operating in Georgia, government agencies in charge of the youth, also international organizations working on the youth issues, and youth policy development experts participated in the event.

The aim of the  forum was to facilitate a constructive and structured dialogue among the representatives of government and non-government youth organizations, and provide information to the participating organizations about the processes and challenges in the field of youth; the forum’s objective was to come up with a common vision regarding the development of a national council of youth organizations of Georgia, to inform participants about the rationale and significance of the Youth Index, to identify key challenges regarding the implementation of the youth policy, and to set prospects for the cooperation among youth and responsible government agencies. Based on the forum results, a document was elaborated, reflecting all the opinions expressed during the forum and aiming at making further contributions for the development of the youth field. The document will be delivered to the decision makers and respective international organizations.

Louisa Vinton, UN Resident Coordinator in Georgia addressed the forum participants. In her speech she noted: “Still many challenges remain – Sustainable Development agenda sets ambitious goals at the national level. Strengthening human capital of youth – their health, education, employability, entrepreneurial skills, and ensuring the environment free from discrimination for ensuring the highest standards of human rights, are critical factors for sustainable development of the country.”

The event was supported by the UN agencies: UNFPA Georgia Country Office, UNICEF and UNIDO. The Forum of Georgian Youth Organizations has been held in Georgia since 2007 with the initiative and participation of the youth organizations operating in the country.