United Nations Partnership for Sustainable Development (Framework Document). 2016-2020Back

2016-2020 United Nations Partnership for Sustainable Development (UNPSD) summarizes a collective strategic response of the UN system to the national development priorities in Georgia for a five-year period.

The framework is structured around five focus areas and eight outcomes prioritized through extensive multi-sectoral consultations between the Government, UN, civil society and other partners.

The 2016-2020 UN Partnership for Sustainable Development is based on a thorough analysis of progress made by the country and remaining challenges in political, social and economic development as reflected in the Government 2014 MDG Progress Report, annual reports of government ministries, recommendations of UN Human Rights mechanisms and Country Assessment Report prepared with participation of the UN, Government, civil society and other partners.

The extensive analysis and strategic prioritization process has ensured full alignment of 2016-2020 UNPSD with the national and global human rights commitments and development platforms.

The five focus areas identified by the Government of Georgia and UN country team for the 2016-2020 partnership framework include:

1. Democratic Governance
2. Jobs, Livelihood and Social Protection
3. Education
4. Health, and
5. Human Security and Community Resilience

The current document describes the basic programming framework for each of the priority area and the scope of mutual accountability for the expected results of the joint UN Partnership for Sustainable Development.

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