United Nations in Georgia launches Start ExhibitionBack

How do young people see their world, and what is important for them? What issues count for them? These and many other questions were answered by the works of art displayed in the Start Exhibition at the Expo Georgia in Tbilisi on 17 October 2018.

The exhibition by 45 young and emerging artists, who were given the opportunity to find ideas for their creative works and present their work in a professional gallery context, was dedicated to the UN Day.

The exhibition was more than the visual pleasure it provided to the audience—it was the culmination of the young artists’ countless studio hours and long-standing passion for the arts.

 150 paintings, sculptures, installations and  8D holograms have been on display, giving visitors a close-up look at new synthesis of art and technology. 

The exhibition was organized by the UN Office in Tbilisi in partnership with the Propaganda Group Promotion, HOLO and Tbilisi Mayor’s Office.