Georgia Joint Needs Assessment- A second Progress Report. 2009Back

A donor conference to support Georgia‟s financing needs for post-conflict recovery and reconstruction took place in Brussels in October 2008 chaired jointly by the European Commission and the World Bank.

A Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) document was prepared for the conference by international institutions. This paper provides a first progress report on developments since the conference. It reviews financing committed and disbursed by donors in light of their pledges as well as the major activities on the ground supported by the financing. The paper covers the period to end-March 2009, i.e., the period identified in the JNA as the immediate, post-conflict period, when the critical damage-related needs and needs arising from social displacement had to be addressed. It also contains an outlook for 2009 and an indication of evolving priorities in light of the international economic crisis and areas for donor assistance.

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